Monday, July 30, 2007

Blood Drive

So a doctor I know sent out an email last week that the NYC blood bank is reaching critical levels and urging folks to open a vein. Which I did, just now, on my lunch break.

I've never given blood before--it's kind of fun! Also they give you snacks after. But the lightheadedness doesn't go away for a while it seems--I feel like I took 2 benadryl with an espresso chaser to keep me awake.


They gave me a red bandage for my arm. It matches my dress. The first time they tested my iron it was just barely too low so the dude asked me if I wanted to try my other hand -- I said yes and that finger produced appropriately ferric (?) blood, it seems. Then wow, they took a lot of blood. A pint is a lot, yall! They took more blood than the soup I ate for lunch. Ew, gross comparison. Sorry.

Anyway, I feel so virtuous! And disconnected!


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