Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Overheard in New York.

I posit:

At least half the people who send in "overheard" conversations to Overheard in New York were actually participants in those conversations.


Blogger Jonathan said...

I can't believe I never told you my favorite (recent) overheard comment, especially since you were so kind as to offer a doozy of your own some months back. (Remember? "He's a real fellow..?")

Anyhoo, I was walking into Halloween Adventure trying to find a costume, and a transvestite worker was chatting up a goth one. I had to interrupt their conversation to ask my question.

After telling me where to find the delivery boy outfit I was looking for (don't ask) the transvestite continued her conversation:

"Yeah, I've worked in a dungeon. It's alright. Of course, it depends on what the guy wants..."

12:31 PM  

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