Thursday, September 13, 2007

Real life stinks; dream life twinkles

1) New York City is STINKY this morning. Seriously -- it's all cool and crisp and somehow it smells worse than the hottest, humidest, fettid-est days of the summer. I guess it's kind of a miracle the city isn't stinkier, given the density of the population, but it's still bizarre that it'd be so terrible on a cool fall day. Ew.

2) Last night I dreamed that I was watching an episode of Heroes. In this dream episode, I was delighted to note that the creative types in charge were not afraid to use liberal sprinklings of twinkling pixie-dust special effects, complete with that weird synthesized pixie dust sound you hear a lot of in 1990's era Mariah Carey songs.

"Wow," I said to whoever I was watching it with, "They actually have a character riding off into the sunset on a horse with pixie dust shooting out its ass." (They did.) "I'm so glad this show got renewed."


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