Friday, September 18, 2009


Here are some things on the internet that have interested or amused me recently:

1. A 1980s special on 60 Minutes about MAD magazine, with lots of interview time with the great man himself, Bill Gaines.
See it, via The Beat, here.

2. Handsome stripey knee socks. I especially like the charcoal.
See them, at Sock Dreams, here.

3. A horse and a bunny sharing a meal.
See it, at Cute Overload, here.

4. A recipe for home-made tostadas.
See it here. (Thanks, Dirtbagg!)

5. An essay about whether publishers are selling ideas, or pieces of paper.
Read it here. (Thanks, Perry!)

6. Adorable stuffy bats, which I like to gaze on for inspiration in my own sewing projects.
Snuggle them here.

7. Emergency yodel button
Save the day here.

8. Cashew-based vegan alfredo sauce.
Eat virtuously here.

9. Magnetic duct tape
Repair your entire life here.

10. A really, really great photo of a cow
Admire it here.


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