Friday, March 30, 2007

Bad idea jeans (bad idea tights?)

Last weekend, Perry and I attended a lovely wedding in scenic Park Slope, Brooklyn, A dear friend of ours aligned his destiny with that of his intended in a family-style Italian restaurant, and a good time was had by all. Not unrelatedly, a great deal of wine was drunk by all; perhaps especially by me.

All I know is that at a certain point during the post-ceremony, post-lunch festivities I wandered out of the restaurant in my wedding-guest-dress and heels and took a walk around the block. It was lovely out, sunny and cool but not wintery. A little girl passing me with her mother asked, "Mom, why doesn't *she* have to wear a jacket?" I didn't hear her mother's answer, having wandered into a dance store, where I nearly bought a pair of queen-sized leopard-spot tights. I was saved from myself by the fact that there was no money in my wallet.

So. Out of the dance store and into a bank, where an ATM obligingly coughed up $60. At that point I'd forgotten about the tights and I was getting cold anyway, so I headed back to the party, refreshed and refunded.

Fast forward to today, when I logged onto my bank account to check up on things. Everything looked fine except that the withdrawal of $60 had never shown up on my account. This is why I was less surprised than I otherwise would have been when I took a look at my credit card statement and saw a cash advance listed for $60 from a Park Slope bank.

I didn't even know I *could* get cash from my credit card, but apparently it's simple enough that I could do it without even *noticing* I had fed the hungry little machine the wrong card... I wonder if cash advances from my card earn me Amazon reward points? If they do, I may have to look into this a little further.

ETA: Oops--turns out cash from a credit card is expensive cash. Alas!

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Moving on: here are some LOL CATS (also known as Cat Macros) for your entertainment.



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