Thursday, April 26, 2007


CONtent; conTENT. I like it that they're spelled the same. I meant CONtent up there in the subject, FYI.

I don't have anything in particular to say -- but I wanted to write something down. The weather has been positively spring-like and is making me feel dreamy and nostalgic for springtimes past: the backyard garden in Boulder, CO, where I lived until I was nine years old; early summer at Turkeyhurst; singing Easter services at Christ Church; spring flowers busting out all over the Barnard campus while Columbia remained so plain and conservative in comparison (as always); etc, etc.

I got a sunburn last weekend, tromping around Fort Tryon park with my friend Amy. We walked up into Inwood, too, and looked at the neighborhood Amy wants to move into. She lives in upper Washington Heights right now but is under salsa-music seige from all sides in her current apartment. Compared to that, Inwood looks awfully quiet, it is true. I'm spoiled, though, living on what I am convinced is the quietest block in Manhattan.

...Except from 4:45am to about 6am, when our resident Mockingbird starts singing. When you're half-asleep and stumbling over to slam the window shut you might think it's a whole chorus of birds, singing alternating parts. But no, it's just our little friend, who comes back every year at about the same time to stake out his territory. Or maybe we're witnessing successive generations? the Wikipedia article doesn't say how long they live, but it does have this nugget to share:

Mockingbirds' willingness to nest near houses, loud and frequent songs, and territorial defense often annoy people. John van der Linden, the author of the Eastern Birding Central FAQ, says that 25 to 50 percent of the e-mail questions he receives are about how to deal with annoying mockingbirds.

Well, lunch hour is over, kids. I'll catch y'all soon.


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