Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Big Blanket Has Super Powers

The Perry-Calista co-prosperity sphere is generally very carefully climate-controlled.

In the summer, we have the windows shut and the air conditioning on most of the time, b/c one of us is very sensitive to heat. In the winter, we have the windows shut* and the humidifiers on most of the time b/c one of us is very sensitive to dry air. Since it's nearly always ~70º in our apartment, we usually only have one or two light blankets on the bed.

We almost never want to use the great big fluffy super down comforter that my grandmother gave us, since it's almost never cool enough inside to merit it. However, last night was a good opportunity to use the comforter, since it's finally cool enough for no air conditioning, and still humid enough for no humidifier -- hence, open windows.

We propped the windows open wide, fluffed up the comforter, and snuggled in. When I woke up at 8am, I was so warm under the comforter that I had flung an arm and a foot outside of it to balance things out.

It was 56º in the bedroom.

*For those of you who don't live in NYC or a densely populated Northeastern city, it may seem strange that we would even want to have our windows open during the winter but these NYC apartment buildings are incredibly efficient in terms of retaining heat and sharing it from apartment to apartment, with the result that I don't know *anyone* who actually turns their radiator on during the winter -- there's no need. And often, there's a real need to have the windows open, lest you swelter in February.


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