Sunday, November 11, 2007

A scene

(Written last night at 10:30pm)

I'm working on a work project right now and I want to finish it so I can reward myself by going to my friends Megan, Shelby, and Amanda's triple birthday party.

About half an hour ago, I turned to Perry, who was curled up beside me, reading a Quantum Mechanics textbook.

"Which is more polite?" I asked, "'bottom' or 'rear end'?"

He didn't say anything. I looked over. His head was down, eyes shut, mouth open.

"Are you still alive?" I asked.

He stirred, and muttered something about how he prefers "undefined" to "bottom" because it's the more common term in most schools of mathematics, and then went back to sleep.

He's still asleep right now. The mister has packed it in for the night and I haven't even started partying.

I never did go out -- finished the manuscript at 11:30pm, sent an apologetic email to the birthday girls, and sacked out next to Perry, whose snores had become a veritable siren song of snoozy serenity.