Thursday, January 17, 2008

The peculiarities of my employment

Today I had a long phone conversation about the color of a monster's tentacles.

Then I spent an hour or so checking and double-checking which auntie is which in Sleeping Beauty, and which color each wants to turn Aurora's birthday dress.*

Then there was that email I had to write flagging an inconsistency in the usage of the "Healing Fairy's Oath" between two different books which each feature healing fairies.

Oh, lackaday, what a life. Drudgery and TPS reports, with nary a diverting moment.

*presses back of hand to brow*

*In case you're wondering...
-Merryweather is the short stout one with a blue dress. She wants Aurora's dress to be blue.
-Flora is the one with a red dress. She wants Aurora's dress to be pink.
-Fauna is the one with a green dress. She doesn't seem to care one way or another about the dress.


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